28 Cited authorities

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    Holding that a verified complaint is treated as an affidavit for summary judgment purposes and "considered in determining whether material issues of fact exist"
  2. Moose Lodge No. 107 v. Irvis

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    Holding African-American plaintiff who had not applied for membership lacked standing to challenge lodge's all-white membership policy
  3. Railroad Comm'n v. Pullman Co.

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    Holding that federal courts should ordinarily abstain where the resolution of a federal constitutional issue may be rendered irrelevant by the determination of a predicate state-law question
  4. England v. Medical Examiners

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    Holding that a party may inform the state court "that he intends, should the state court hold against him on the question of state law, to return to [federal] District Court for disposition of his federal contentions."
  5. Hartford Courant Co. v. Pellegrino

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    Holding that there is a qualified First Amendment right of access to docket sheets from state court criminal and civil proceedings
  6. Harrison v. N. A. A. C. P

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    Concluding that “no principle has found more consistent or clear expression than that the federal courts should not adjudicate the constitutionality of state enactments fairly open to interpretation until the state courts have been afforded a reasonable opportunity to pass upon them”
  7. Dotson v. Griesa

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    Holding that equitable claims are precluded by the CSRA even if the plaintiff has no other remedy
  8. Finley v. Giacobbe

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    Holding that a plaintiff bringing a tortious interference claim must show that the defendant was not a party to the contract
  9. Hachamovitch v. Debuono

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    Holding that Rooker-Feldman did not bar jurisdiction over due process challenge to the unavailability of any procedure for reopening a concluded physician disciplinary proceeding
  10. Handberry v. Thompson

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    Holding that 18 U.S.C. § 3626 limits § 1367 even though the former statute makes no reference to § 1367
  11. Section 7803 - Questions raised

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    Listing the “only questions” that may be raised in an Article 78 proceeding
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    Defining civil judicial disputes as "actions" or "proceedings"
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    Providing procedures for revocations of medical licenses