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    Holding that in determining the preclusive effect of a prior state court judgment, federal courts must apply the preclusion law of the state that rendered the judgment
  2. Aurelius Capital v. Rep. of Argentina

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    Holding that assets were not subject to execution under the FSIA because the assets at issue were not "used for a commercial activity," as required by the Act
  3. Atwood Turnkey v. Petroleo Brasileiro

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    Finding agency/instrumentality status because “the government of Brazil owns the majority of Petrobras' shares”
  4. Petition of Rosenman Colin

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    Holding "[i]n the context of both attorneys' liens and other liens, such actions have repeatedly been regarded as equitable in nature so that no jury right attaches" and citingDamsky v. Zavatt, 289 F.3d 46, 53 (2d Cir. 1961)
  5. Istim, Inc. v. Chemical Bank

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    Applying interest analysis to determine which jurisdiction's law to apply to dispute over rights in a settlement fund
  6. In re Manshul Construction Corp.

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    Rejecting contention that bankruptcy court should exercise discretion against enforcement of arbitration agreement, and finding that arbitration was most desirable way to resolve fee dispute between defendants and former attorneys
  7. S.A.L. v. Republic of Lebanon

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    06 Civ. 2765 (HB). May 16, 2006 OPINION ORDER HAROLD BAER JR., District Judge On April 10, 2006, Libancell S.A.L. ("Libancell" or "petitioner") moved ex parte for a temporary restraining order ("TRO") preventing, inter alia, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas ("Deutsche Bank") from transferring or disposing of any assets in which the Republic of Lebanon ("Lebanon") had an interest. This Court issued the TRO and required Lebanon to show cause on April 18, 2006 why a preliminary injunction and order

  8. U.S. v. J.H.W. Gitlitz Deli Bar, Inc.

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    Holding that an attorney who received funds in escrow for his client was not entitled to a retaining lien because he "did not receive the funds in his capacity as an attorney"
  9. Rule 69 - Execution

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    Adopting state law for procedures to execute judgments and obtain relevant discovery
  10. Section 5225 - Payment or delivery of property of judgment debtor

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    Authorizing judgment creditor to commence special proceeding against garnishee who holds assets of judgment debtor
  11. Section 475 - Attorney's lien in action, special or other proceeding

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    Requiring that in order to assert a charging lien, the attorney must make an application to the court to determine and enforce the lien