31 Cited authorities

  1. Puckett v. United States

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    Holding that plain-error review applies to a defendant's unpreserved argument that the Government had violated his plea agreement
  2. Dennis v. Columbia Colleton Med. Ctr., Inc.

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    Holding plaintiff showed pretext where an employer offered more reasons at trial than in discovery
  3. Cruz v. Local Union No. 3 of Intern. Broth

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    Holding that the "community" was the Western District of New York
  4. Spell v. McDaniel

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    Holding that the prevailing market rate can be established with reference to “information concerning recent fee awards by courts in comparable cases”
  5. Tennant v. Peoria P.U. Ry. Co.

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    In Tennant v. Peoria P. U. R. Co., 321 U.S. 29, one of the leading cases, the Court granted certiorari "because of important problems as to petitioner's right to a jury determination of the issue of causation."
  6. Poor v. Hill

    138 N.C. App. 19 (N.C. Ct. App. 2000)   Cited 255 times
    Holding that in the consumer protection context, should the same course of conduct give rise to plaintiffs' breach of contract claim and plaintiffs claims under a consumer protection statute, plaintiffs may recover damages either for the breach of contract, or for violation of the statute, butt not for both
  7. Hogan v. Forsyth Country Club Co.

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    Holding that the question of ratification of employee's alleged harassment should be submitted to a jury when the defendant continued to employ the offending employee, declined to intervene to prevent further offensive behavior towards the plaintiff, and ultimately terminated the plaintiff from employment
  8. Duke v. Uniroyal Inc.

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    Holding that an award of compensation for future lost earnings, or "front pay," is an equitable matter for the court, not the jury
  9. Davis by Davis v. Jellico Community Hosp. Inc.

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    Recognizing that, where courts have tended to remand in light of new factual developments, it has been in the context of injunctive relief scenarios or other prospective relief, "not attempts to revise jury verdicts"
  10. Woods v. Insurance Co.

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    Finding that "every word and every provision [of an insurance policy] is to be given effect"