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    Holding that a claim is plausible where a plaintiff's allegations enable the court to draw a "reasonable inference" the defendant is liable
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    Holding that a complaint's allegations should "contain sufficient factual matter, accepted as true, to 'state a claim to relief that is plausible on its face' "
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    Holding that workers may bring Title VII discrimination claims in federal court notwithstanding an arbitration provision in a CBA
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    Holding that statements of optimism give rise to a strong inference of scienter if they lacked a reasonable basis when made
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    Holding that an employee may waive ADEA rights if the waiver complies with the OWBPA
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    Holding that district court did not abuse its discretion in denying a motion to amend filed on the last day of discovery because granting the motion "would have produced more attempts at discovery, delayed disposition of the case, . . . likely prejudiced [the opposing party] . . . there seems to be no good reason why [the movant] could not have made the motion earlier."
  7. Lucas v. W.W. Grainger, Inc.

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    Holding that in reviewing a district court's decision on a motion for summary judgment de novo, the decision can be affirmed “on any ground that finds support in the record,” including an alternate ground
  8. Harris v. Ivax Corp.

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    Holding that where all allegedly false statements were identified as forward-looking statements and accompanied by cautionary language, "the defendant's state of mind is irrelevant"
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    Holding that the district court properly took judicial notice of court filings in a previous case at the motion to dismiss stage
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    Holding that "to preclude a wider range of matters than those specified in the Agreement would frustrate the parties' expressed intent and bestow upon [the defendant] a windfall of immunity from litigation"
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    Granting the court discretion to exclude matters outside the pleadings presented to the court in defense of a motion to dismiss
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    Holding that such dismissal "operates as an adjudication on the merits"
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    Recognizing the federal rules of civil procedure should be employed to promote the "just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding"
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    Defining "employee"