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    B145169 Filed August 21, 2001 Certified for Publication Appeal from a judgment of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, No. NC027248, James L. Wright, Judge. Reversed and remanded. Sherri L. Honer and Sima Fard for Plaintiff and Appellant. Katten Muchin Zavis, Steve Cochran, Patricia Task Craigie and Ryan J. Larsen for Defendants and Respondents. WOODS, J. Appellant Kim Lockley appeals from a judgment of dismissal upon the trial court's order sustaining a demurrer without leave to amend in favor

  2. City of Monterey v. Carrnshimba

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    In Carr, the plaintiff was involved in an October 1966 automobile accident, sustaining injuries to her left chest, left shoulder, and left arm, and had resulting pain in her head and upper neck.
  3. Hughes Electronics Corp. v. Citibank Delaware

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    No. B164083 June 30, 2004 Appeal from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, No. BC250590, S. James Otero, Judge. Westrup, Klick Associates, R. Duane Westrup, Rhonda Klick, Lawrence R. Cagney and Mark L. VanBuskirk for Defendants and Appellants. Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver Hedges, Dale H. Oliver, Michael E. Williams and Michelle R. Fang for Plaintiffs and Respondents. OPINION BOLAND, J. A New York bank and its California customer agreed that disputes arising out of their banking relationship

  4. Rule 8.252 - Judicial notice; findings and evidence on appeal

    Cal. R. 8.252   Cited 319 times

    (a)Judicial notice (1) To obtain judicial notice by a reviewing court under Evidence Code section 459, a party must serve and file a separate motion with a proposed order. (2) The motion must state: (A) Why the matter to be noticed is relevant to the appeal; (B) Whether the matter to be noticed was presented to the trial court and, if so, whether judicial notice was taken by that court; (C) If judicial notice of the matter was not taken by the trial court, why the matter is subject to judicial notice

  5. Rule 8.54 - Motions

    Cal. R. 8.54   Cited 93 times

    (a)Motion and opposition (1) Except as these rules provide otherwise, a party wanting to make a motion in a reviewing court must serve and file a written motion stating the grounds and the relief requested and identifying any documents on which the motion is based. (2) A motion must be accompanied by a memorandum and, if it is based on matters outside the record, by declarations or other supporting evidence. (3) Any opposition must be served and filed within 15 days after the motion is filed. (Subd