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  1. People v. Osuna

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    Holding the correct standard of proof for resentencing eligibility determinations is preponderance of the evidence
  2. People v. Superior Court (Kaulick)

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    Rejecting similar argument in Proposition 36 context
  3. People v. Aaron Sung-Uk Park

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    Finding that a felony wobbler reduced to a misdemeanor would count as a prior felony conviction for purposes of a sentencing enhancement under Cal.Penal Code § 667(d), but would not count as a prior felony conviction for purposes of a sentencing enhancement under Cal.Penal Code § 667
  4. People v. Johnson

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    Setting forth various exceptions
  5. People v. White

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    Finding inmate ineligible for resentencing where the record of conviction showed the inmate "not only had a firearm 'in [his] possession or under [his] custody or control,' " but that "he also was personally armed with the firearm on that date because he was carrying—and, thus, had ' "ready access" ' to—that firearm"
  6. Teal v. Superior Court

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    Holding resentencing provision of Three Strikes Law creates substantial right affecting personal liberty interest
  7. People v. Blakely

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    Referring to former § 12021, subd., § 29800, subd.'s predecessor
  8. People v. Bradford

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    Holding that a resentencing proceeding under "[s]ection 1170.126, like the statutory mechanism under federal law for a sentencing reduction, is distinguishable from other sentencing proceedings" because the statute "merely provides a limited mechanism within which the trial court may consider a reduction of the sentence below the original term"
  9. People v. Brimmer

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    Holding that the section 12022 enhancement applies only "if the gun has a facilitative nexus with the underlying offense (i.e., it serves some purpose in connection with it)"
  10. People v. Elder

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    Affirming the defendant was armed when he was standing outside his front door and the police found one loaded gun on a shelf of an entertainment center and another gun in an unlocked safe in a bedroom.