31 Cited authorities

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    Holding that courts should consider constitutional challenge to statute as applied to plaintiff before considering other applications
  2. In re Sheena K

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    Finding probationer's forfeiture properly disregarded where facially vague and overbroad probation condition could be corrected by inserting a knowledge requirement
  3. People v. Carbajal

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    Holding probationer convicted of hit-and-run could be ordered to pay vehicle damage not caused by criminal act of leaving scene of accident
  4. People v. Lent

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    Upholding order for $1,778 in restitution, which included $500 arising from the charge of which the defendant was convicted and $1,278 arising from the charge of which defendant was acquitted, because of the relationship of the total sum to the crime of which defendant was convicted
  5. In re Victor L.

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    Holding condition of prohibiting entry in areas known for gang-related activity overbroad and vague
  6. In re Shaun R.

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    Approving condition prohibiting the display of gang clothing, logos, emblems, badges, or buttons
  7. People v. Lopez

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    Holding probation condition which prohibited defendant from involvement in gang activities, association with any gang members, or use of gang insignia, was unconstitutionally overbroad because it prohibited him from associating with persons not known to him to be gang members; but overbreadth was correctable by inserting a knowledge requirement in each prohibition
  8. People v. Pirali

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    Concluding overbreadth claim not forfeited
  9. People ex Rel. Gallo v. Acuna

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    Holding that preliminary injunctions are reviewed "under an abuse of discretion standard"
  10. People v. Castenada

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    Finding that legislature's wording of "actively participates," as contained in Cal. Penal Code § 186.22, is not void for vagueness