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    Holding that California's wage and hour laws do not impose liability on "individual corporate agents acting within the scope of their agency"
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    Holding trial court's finding that "substantial variations in control exist" is "sufficient to justify denying class certification and thus obviate any need for further inquiry [into secondary factors]"
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    Describing a worker's additional employees, vehicles, and equipment as relevant to evaluating the C prong of the ABC test
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    Reviewing case law from Connecticut and other states and listing relevant factors for part A
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    Characterizing Connecticut precedent relating to prong B of ABC test as limited
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    Arguing that imprisonment for a crime that requires no mens rea would stretch the law regarding acts mala prohibita beyond its limitations
  10. Osborne v. Winter

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    In Osborne v. Winter (1933) 133 Cal.App.664, the appellate court affirmed a finding the appellant was liable under a predecessor statute to section 13007, noting "[I]t was plainly shown by other evidence that the fire had started 'right where [appellant] was raking', and that there was 'plenty of wind'.
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    Interpreting statutes
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    Defining "average weekly wage"
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    Implementing the WHL