33 Cited authorities

  1. Batson v. Kentucky

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    Holding that the Equal Protection Clause applies to the use of peremptory strikes
  2. Arizona v. Gant

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    Holding that a warrantless vehicle search incident to arrest is justified "when the arrestee is unsecured and within reaching distance of the passenger compartment"
  3. United States v. Leon

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    Holding that suppression is unwarranted when officers have acted in "good faith" in relying on a defective search warrant
  4. Riley v. California

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    Holding that a warrant is generally required to search a cellphone, even when the phone is seized incident to arrest
  5. Davis v. U.S.

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    Holding "newly announced rules of constitutional criminal procedure 'must apply retroactively to all cases, state or federal, pending on direct review or not yet final, with no exception.'"
  6. Griffith v. Kentucky

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    Holding that on direct review, a new constitutional rule must be applied retroactively "to all cases, state or federal"
  7. Atwater v. City of Lago Vista

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    Holding that police officer may arrest person who has committed "even a very minor criminal offense in his presence"
  8. New York v. Belton

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    Holding that when an officer has made a lawful custodial arrest of the occupant of an automobile, he may, as a contemporaneous incident of that arrest, search the interior of that automobile
  9. Virginia v. Moore

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    Holding that the Fourth Amendment is not violated by making an arrest for driving with a suspended license based on probable cause but prohibited by state law
  10. United States v. Robinson

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    Holding that law enforcement officers are authorized to conduct a full search of every lawful custodial arrestee