34 Cited authorities

  1. Lindsey v. Normet

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    Holding that the state has no obligation to provide adequate housing
  2. Buss v. Superior Court

    16 Cal.4th 35 (Cal. 1997)   Cited 537 times   14 Legal Analyses
    Holding that an insurer may seek reimbursement of defense costs that may be allocated to claims that are not even potentially covered because a party desiring relief carries the burden of proof
  3. AIU Insurance v. Superior Court

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    Holding that an insurance policy covered "as damages" the costs associated with complying with an injunction and/or a reimbursement order for environmental clean-up expenses
  4. People ex Rel. Dept., Corps. v. Speedee O. Chg. Sys

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    Holding that where trial court resolved disputed facts, appellate courts review for abuse of discretion, but where there are no disputed factual issues, appellate courts review the trial court's determination as a question of law
  5. Scottsdale Insurance v. MV Transportation

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    Holding that the duty to defend is not excused where "the [plaintiff's] complaint could fairly be amended to state a covered liability."
  6. Flatt v. Superior Court

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    Holding that where the requisite substantial relationship exists, "access to confidential information by the attorney in the course of the first representation (relevant, by definition, to the second representation) is presumed and disqualification of the attorney's representation of the second client is mandatory; indeed, the disqualification extends vicariously to the entire firm"
  7. Aerojet-General Corp. v. Transport Indemnity Co.

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    Holding each insurer has a duty to defend "separate and independent from the others "
  8. San Diego Navy Federal Credit Union v. Cumis Insurance Society

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    Holding that an insurance company must hire an independent attorney to represent its insured when the carrier reserves the right to deny coverage at a later date
  9. Hedging Concepts, Inc v. First Alliance Mortgage

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    Holding that claim for quantum meruit does not lie where there are actual contract terms governing payment
  10. California Medical Association v. Aetna U.S.

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    Holding that "as a matter of law, a quasi-contract action for unjust enrichment does not lie where, as here, express binding agreements exist and define the parties' rights"