25 Cited authorities

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    Holding that error is harmless only if "harmless beyond a reasonable doubt"
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    Finding "[a]ny error in failing to instruct on second degree implied-malice murder as a lesser included offense of premeditated and deliberate first degree murder was harmless, because the factual question posed by the omitted instruction necessarily was resolved unfavorably to Coffman under the instructions on the special circumstance allegations, which required a finding of intent to kill."
  3. People v. Prettyman

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    Holding that CALJIC 3.01 and 3.02 which the judge also gave at Solis' trial "[do] not withdraw an element from the jury's determination or otherwise interject an impermissible presumption into the deliberative process"
  4. People v. Olguin

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    Holding "police officers testifying as gang experts present an adequate foundation for their opinions where they base their testimony on personal observations of and discussions with gang members as well as information from other officers and the department's files"
  5. People v. Medina

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    Finding sufficient evidence that the nontarget offenses of murder and attempted murder were a natural and probable consequence of the target offense of simple assault, which defendants aided and abetted
  6. People v. Gonzales

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    Finding the failure to give jury instructions on accomplice testimony harmless where the jury was given witness credibility instructions CALJIC Nos. 2.20 and 2.21.2
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    In People v. Lee, 31 Cal.4th 613, 623-24, 3 Cal.Rptr.3d 402, 74 P.3d 176 (2003), the California Supreme Court spoke on the state of mind needed by an order and abettor in an attempted murder case.
  8. People v. Mendoza

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    Holding that "an aider and abettor 'shares the guilt of the actual perpetrator.'"
  9. People v. Cooper

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    Holding that because escape and asportation coincided, and there was no evidence to the contrary, erroneous instruction was harmless beyond reasonable doubt
  10. People v. Nguyen

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    In Nguyen, supra, 21 Cal.App.4th 518, we were quite direct that the determination whether a particular crime is a natural and probable consequence of another crime aided and abetted was not to be considered in the abstract as a question of law.