4 Cited authorities

  1. People v. Young

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    Holding that the claim that post-conviction counsel was "burdened by a conflict of interest" was not cognizable because there is no constitutional right to effective assistance of counsel in post-conviction proceedings
  2. Arce v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

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    Holding that the defendant's "alleged practice of categorically denying coverage" of certain services for autism-related disorders purportedly encompassed by the terms of a health care plan was sufficient to state a class action UCL claim
  3. People v. Castillo

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    In Castillo, the California Supreme Court applied the doctrine to enforce a stipulation between the parties in a civil commitment proceeding.
  4. In re Marriage of Pendleton

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    In Pendleton, the Supreme Court explicitly stated it was not deciding whether the circumstances at the time of enforcement made the spousal support waiver unjust.