41 Cited authorities

  1. People v. Bolin

    18 Cal.4th 297 (Cal. 1998)   Cited 2,045 times
    Holding that defendant's act of retrieving gun after arguing with victim supported finding that murder was premeditated
  2. People v. Maury

    30 Cal.4th 342 (Cal. 2003)   Cited 1,502 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Holding that the defendant must renew a motion for a change of venue after voir dire to preserve the issue for appeal
  3. People v. Ledesma

    43 Cal.3d 171 (Cal. 1987)   Cited 1,689 times
    Holding that counsel was prejudicially ineffective for failure to investigate mental illness evidence despite expert's report stating that defendant was competent to stand trial because report raised other issues
  4. People v. Price

    1 Cal.4th 324 (Cal. 1991)   Cited 1,051 times
    Holding under similar statute that prosecution need not prove someone else stole property, and that "receiving" conviction may be upheld despite evidence strongly suggesting that defendant also stole property
  5. People v. Superior Court (Alvarez)

    14 Cal.4th 968 (Cal. 1997)   Cited 798 times
    Holding that a trial court's discretion under Cal.Penal Code § 17(b) to reduce a "wobbler" offense is not eliminated by the Three Strikes law but is reviewable
  6. People v. Mayfield

    14 Cal.4th 668 (Cal. 1997)   Cited 788 times
    In People v. Mayfield (1997) 14 Cal.4th 668, where the defendant wrested a gun from a police officer and shot the officer in the head during a brief altercation, it was held that "a rational trier of fact could conclude from the evidence that before shooting [the officer] defendant had made a cold and calculated decision to take [his] life after weighing considerations for and against."
  7. In re Estrada

    63 Cal.2d 740 (Cal. 1965)   Cited 2,165 times
    Holding that a defendant "is entitled to the ameliorating benefits of the statutes as amended" if "the amendatory statute lessening punishment becomes effective prior to the date the judgment of conviction becomes final"
  8. People v. Gurule

    28 Cal.4th 557 (Cal. 2002)   Cited 554 times
    Finding no abuse of discretion where a trial court declined a request for readback of closing argument, particularly when defense counsel's closing arguably had misstated the law
  9. People v. Lewis and Oliver

    39 Cal.4th 970 (Cal. 2006)   Cited 462 times
    Holding that, because defendants did not object to trial court's comments to jury regarding scheduling, "they have forfeited their state law claim that it interfered with the jury's deliberations and coerced a verdict. They have also forfeited their related constitutional claims."
  10. People v. Burgener

    29 Cal.4th 833 (Cal. 2003)   Cited 441 times   1 Legal Analyses
    In People v. Burgener, supra, 29 Cal.4th 833, 856, we observed that it was "uncertain" whether an absolute disparity of 10.7 percent, which produced a relative disparity of 65 percent, was sufficient to satisfy the second prong of the Duren test.
  11. Rule 8.1110 - Partial publication

    Cal. R. 8.1110   Cited 356 times

    (a)Order for partial publication A majority of the rendering court may certify for publication any part of an opinion meeting a standard for publication under rule 8.1105. (Subd (a) amended effective January 1, 2007.) (b) Opinion contents The published part of the opinion must specify the part or parts not certified for publication. All material, factual and legal, including the disposition, that aids in the application or interpretation of the published part must be published. (c) Construction For