13 Cited authorities

  1. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan

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    Holding that a public official or public figure can recover damages for defamation on a matter of public concern only if he proves that the speaker acted with actual malice
  2. Walker v. Armco Steel Corp.

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    Holding that Oklahoma rules concerning service of process must be applied by federal courts adjudicating a dispute based on Oklahoma law
  3. Guaranty Trust Co. v. York

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    Holding that federal courts sitting in diversity should apply state law that determines the outcome of the case
  4. Gardner v. Martino

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    Holding that Oregon's anti-SLAPP statute, which requires entry of a judgment of dismissal without prejudice, is applicable in federal court because it “does not directly conflict with the Federal Rules and Oregon's civil procedure rules”
  5. Barwick v. Celotex Corp.

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    Holding that a plaintiff's self-serving affidavit that contradicted his own prior testimony did not create a genuine issue of material fact
  6. Aids Counseling & Testing Centers v. Group W Television, Inc.

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    Holding that "[a]llegations of defamation by an organization and its members are not interchangeable"
  7. Henry v. Lake Charles American Press

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    Holding that interlocutory appeal of denial of anti-SLAPP dismissal under Louisiana law permitted
  8. Rosenberg v. Helinski

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    Affirming summary judgment where defendant established the fair reporting privilege and there was “no trace of malice”
  9. Neuralstem, Inc. v. Stemcells, Inc.

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    Applying California law to an unfair competition claim and other tort claims "since [the counter-plaintiff's] reputation suffered the most harm in that state."
  10. Buckley v. Directv, Inc.

    CIVIL ACTION: 1:03-CV-484-MHS (N.D. Ga. Jun. 26, 2003)   Cited 8 times

    CIVIL ACTION: 1:03-CV-484-MHS June 26, 2003 ORDER MARVIN SHOOB, Senior District Judge This action is before the Court on defendants' motion to dismiss. For the following reasons, the Court grants the motion. Background The Court denies the parties' requests for oral argument. The Court grants the parties' requests that the Court take judicial notice of a Department of Justice press release and two recent court decisions in related cases. This action arises out of threats by a leading provider of

  11. Section 971 - Special motion to strike

    La. Code Civ. Proc. art. 971   Cited 144 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Stating that the Attorney General may act as a public prosecutor