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    Holding that a regulation that "makes it impossible for citizens to use [their firearms] for the core lawful purpose of self defense" is unconstitutional
  2. Atkinson v. Inter-American Development Bank

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    Holding that in enacting the IOIA, Congress adopted the body of foreign sovereign immunity law “only as it existed in 1945—when immunity of foreign sovereigns was absolute,” subject only to the President's decision to extend such immunity
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    Holding that former U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees was immune under IOIA, where “acts alleged occurred in the course of an official's exercise of functions”
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    Holding that the “facially broad waiver of immunity” in the “World Bank's Articles of Agreement” did not “waive the Bank's immunity to employee suits”
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    Holding that an international organization's employment of civil servants, regardless of their nationality, is not a commercial activity
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  11. Section 288a - Privileges, exemptions, and immunities of international organizations

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    Making only the "archives of international organizations ... inviolable" and "[p]roperty ... immune from search"
  12. Section 288 - "International organization" defined; authority of President

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    Listing more than 80 entities "designated by executive order as public international organizations"
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    Incorporating Art. VIII, § 2(b) into U.S. law