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    Holding that a "change of venue under § 1404 generally should be, with respect to state law, but a change of courtrooms"
  2. In re Volkswagen of Am.

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    Holding that the Piper Aircraft factors “are not necessarily exhaustive or exclusive”
  3. In re Genentech, Inc.

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    Holding that relevant evidence in patent cases often comes from the accused infringer and may weigh in favor of transfer to that location
  4. In re TS Tech USA Corp.

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    Holding that the district court's refusal to considerably weigh this factor in favor of transfer was erroneous when the witnesses would need to travel approximately 900 more miles to attend trial in Texas than in Ohio
  5. In re Hoffmann-La Roche

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    Holding local interest factor favored transfer where allegedly infringing product was developed in transferee district
  6. In re Vistaprint Limited and Officemax Incorporated

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    Holding that district court may properly deny § 1404 transfer based on judicial economy even "when all of the convenience factors clearly favor transfer."
  7. In re Verizon Business Network Services Inc.

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    Noting that where more than five years had lapsed between lawsuits, transfer to a district that heard a previous suit on the same patent may not necessarily serve interests of judicial economy
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    Holding that the plaintiff's status as a Texas corporation was not entitled to significant weight, as its presence in Texas appeared "to be both recent and ephemeral"
  10. Section 1404 - Change of venue

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    Granting Class Plaintiffs' motion to transfer action in order to "facilitate a unified settlement approval process together with the class action cases in" In re Amex ASR