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    Holding that collateral order doctrine afforded Argentina immediate review of order requiring foreign bank to disclose Argentina's worldwide assets because subsequent appellate review was unavailable and Argentina, as judgment debtor rather than party to whom disclosure order was directed, could not obtain review through disobedience and contempt
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    Holding that prisoner has substantive due process right to be free from harassment in retaliation for his filing of grievances
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    Holding that the core function of “hold[ing] and administer[ing] the property of the [foreign] state[ was] indisputably governmental”

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    Vacating attachment of same reserves
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    Finding proper service under Section 1608(b) where "compliance . . . may not have been exact . . . [but it was] substantial and sufficient"
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    Holding purchase of scientific equipment was a commercial, not sovereign, function
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    Discussing the sources of the FRBNY Funds
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    Affirming post-judgment restraint and pre-judgment attachment orders on certain assets of Argentina held in trust in the United States
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    Holding that the “diplomatic and consular immunities of foreign states recognized under various treaties remain unaltered by the [FSIA]” and analyzing the VCDR as one such treaty
  10. Colella v. Republic of Argentina

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    In Colella v. Republic of Argentina, No. C 07-80084 (WHA), 2007 WL 1545204, at *7 (N.D. Cal. May 29, 2007), the court determined that Tango Zero One was immune from execution under FSIA.
  11. Rule 69 - Execution

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    Adopting state law for procedures to execute judgments and obtain relevant discovery
  12. Section 5223 - Disclosure

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    Permitting discovery of "all matter relevant to the satisfaction of the judgment"
  13. Section 1611 - Certain types of property immune from execution

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    Protecting from attachment assets of a central bank "[n]otwithstanding the provisions of section 1610"