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    Holding that the district court erroneously admitted expert testimony that a weight-loss supplement caused the plaintiff's medical problems
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    Holding that the district court should have dismissed the plaintiffs' claims against the defendant without prejudice after it found a lack of personal jurisdiction
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    Finding genuine issue of material fact on failure to warn claim because jury could conclude that more adequate warning was needed on vehicle that had greater propensity than other vehicles to roll over during an accident
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    Granting summary judgment and noting that "because a manufacturer's duty to warn of a drug's hazards runs to the physician, the adequacy or inadequacy of a manufacturer's warning to inform a physician must also be proved by expert testimony"
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    Holding that the expert's testimony based on his own personal experiences and analysis of the evidence are deemed reliable and any attacks against such testimony go toward the weight of the testimony and not its admissibility
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    Concluding that case reports are not sufficient evidence of causation because they do not exclude other alternative explanations
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    Nos. A09A0574, A09A0575, A09A0576. DECIDED MARCH 31, 2009. Emotional distress, etc. Fulton State Court. Before Judge Eady. Parker Lundy, Charles E. Morris, Jr., for Wardlaw. Hawkins Parnell, Peter R. York, Leslie K. Brock, for Ivey. Claxton Claxton, William P. Claxton, Darcy S. DuVal, for Ivey Management Corporation. JOHNSON, Presiding Judge. Andrew Wardlaw and his landscaping company, ACW Lawn Landscape Management, Inc. (collectively "Wardlaw"), sued Greg Ivey, Ivey Management Corporation, and Wayne

  10. Stupak v. Hoffman-La Roche

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    Reviewing the granting of a motion for summary judgment
  11. Section 803.1 - What does this part cover?

    21 C.F.R. § 803.1   Cited 24 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Referring to medical device reporting requirements
  12. Section 803.3 - How does FDA define the terms used in this part?

    21 C.F.R. § 803.3   Cited 15 times   1 Legal Analyses

    Some of the terms we use in this part are specific to medical device reporting and reflect the language used in the statute (law). Other terms are more general and reflect our interpretation of the law. This section defines the following terms as used in this part: (a)Ambulatory surgical facility (ASF) means a distinct entity that operates for the primary purpose of furnishing same day outpatient surgical services to patients. An ASF may be either an independent entity (i.e., not a part of a provider