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    Holding that Rule 16(b) governs leave to amend after a scheduling order deadline has expired and requires movant to demonstrate “good cause” before addressing the issue under the more liberal standard of Rule 15
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    CIVIL ACTION NO. 2:06-CV-434 (TJW). January 16, 2009 MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER T. WARD, District Judge Pending before the Court is plaintiff Arbitron, Inc.'s ("Arbitron") Motion to Amend its Infringement Contentions (Docket Entry No. 85) and related briefing. Arbitron requests leave of the Court to amend its initial P.R. 3-1 Infringement Contentions to include allegation of an infringing offer for sale. Defendant IPSOS America, Inc.'s ("Ipsos") opposes the motion. In light of the arguments made

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    CASE NO. 2:06-CV-338 (LED), JURY TRIAL DEMANDED. October 3, 2007 MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER LEONARD DAVIS, District Judge Before the Court are Defendant TomTom, Inc.'s ("TomTom") Motion for Leave to Add Garmin International, Inc. (Docket No. 45), Plaintiff Garmin Ltd.'s ("Garmin") Motion to Dismiss TomTom's Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Counterclaims and to Strike TomTom's Fifth Affirmative Defense (Docket No. 62), Garmin's Motion for Protective Order on Topics 1-3 of TomTom's First 30(b)(6) Notice

  4. Rule 37 - Failure to Make Disclosures or to Cooperate in Discovery; Sanctions

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    Holding that a party may be barred from using a witness if it fails to disclose the witness
  5. Rule 16 - Pretrial Conferences; Scheduling; Management

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    Adopting the sanctions authorized by Rule 37(b)
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    Allowing service by filing papers with the court's electronic-filing system
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    (a) Except as provided in § 1.510(e) , no statement or other response by the patent owner in an ex parte reexamination proceeding shall be filed prior to the determinations made in accordance with § 1.515 or § 1.520 . If a premature statement or other response is filed by the patent owner, it will not be acknowledged or considered in making the determination, and it will be returned or discarded (at the Office's option). (b) The order for ex parte reexamination will set a period of not less than