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    Holding that an incontestable mark cannot be challenged as merely descriptive
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    CIVIL NO. 06-679-GPM. October 12, 2006. Jimmy D. Ellis, Burkart Law Offices, Maryville, IL, for Plaintiff and Counter Defendant. Robert W. Cockerham, Brown James, St. Louis, MO, for Defendant. ORDER MURPHY, Chief Judge. This matter is before the Court sua sponte on review of the jurisdictional allegations of the amended notice of removal filed by Defendant AMCO Insurance Company ("AMCO") on September 29, 2006 (Doc. 9). AMCO's amended notice of removal alleges "[u]pon information and belief" that

  3. Dorpan v. Hotel Meliá, Inc.

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    Finding similarity of goods where "there is substantial overlap in the core services offered by each hotel"
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    Considering "corporate studies tracking awareness of the CITIBANK mark"
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    Holding that student's claim of retaliatory lowering of algebra grade, resulting in "insignificant decrease in her overall grade point average" that did not affect her class rank, was "patently insubstantial"
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  7. Section 1367 - Supplemental jurisdiction

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    Holding that in civil actions proceeding in federal court based solely on diversity jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1332, the district court "shall not have supplemental jurisdiction" over "claims by plaintiffs against persons made parties under Rule . . . 24" or "over claims by persons . . seeking to intervene as plaintiffs under Rule 24," if "exercising supplemental jurisdiction over such claims would be inconsistent with the jurisdictional requirements of section 1332"
  8. Section 1404 - Change of venue

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    Granting Class Plaintiffs' motion to transfer action in order to "facilitate a unified settlement approval process together with the class action cases in" In re Amex ASR
  9. Section 1391 - Venue generally

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    Finding that venue lies where a "substantial part of the events or omissions giving rise to the claim" occurred
  10. Section 1746 - Unsworn declarations under penalty of perjury

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    Permitting the use of declarations instead
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    Stating that once the inmate has filed his motion with the clerk, "[t]he clerk must file the motion and enter it on the criminal docket of the case in which the challenged judgment was entered"
  12. Section 1065 - Incontestability of right to use mark under certain conditions

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    Listing the requirements for incontestability