30 Cited authorities

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    Holding qualified immunity warranted in such circumstances
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    Holding that a 30-day administrative segregation did not violate the Fourteenth Amendment
  3. Ashcroft v. Al-Kidd

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    Holding that, to be clearly established, "existing precedent must have placed the statutory or constitutional question beyond debate"
  4. Bivens v. Six Unknown Fed. Narcotics Agents

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    Holding that a violation of a citizen's constitutional rights by federal officers can give rise to a federal cause of action for damages
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    Holding that prisoners have no reasonable expectation of privacy
  6. Turner v. Safley

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    Holding that a prison regulation satisfied this factor because it did not "deprive prisoners of all means of expression," and instead barred "communication only with a limited class of other people with whom prison officials have particular cause to be concerned"
  7. Mullenix v. Luna

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    Holding our court erred in our extrapolation of Garner to new facts
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    Holding that declaratory judgment as a predicate to a damages award would not be barred, but that a civil rights claim that would affect the duration of incarceration is foreclosed by Preiser
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    Holding law-enforcement officers enjoy only qualified immunity from suit arising from false statements in affidavits made to obtain warrants
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    Holding that probable cause is assessed in relation to the facts possessed by the arresting officer at the time he made the warrantless arrest