16 Cited authorities

  1. Hickman v. Taylor

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    Holding in the context of the work product privilege that the adversary system requires a party's attorney be permitted to “assemble information, sift what he considers to be the relevant from the irrelevant facts, prepare his legal theories and plan his strategy without undue and needless interference”
  2. Nidds v. Schindler Elevator Corp.

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    Holding that comments such as "old timers" and "we don't necessarily like grey hair" do not necessarily defeat summary judgment in age-discrimination cases
  3. Doctor's Assocs., Inc. v. Distajo

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    Holding that a bond was not required where there was no proof of likelihood of harm
  4. Ticknor v. Choice Hotels Intern., Inc.

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    Holding federal courts in diversity cases are "bound by the pronouncements of the state's highest court on applicable state law"
  5. Doctor's Associates, Inc. v. Stuart

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    Holding that franchisee claims were arbitrable
  6. Mackey v. Pioneer Nat. Bank

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    Holding that the at-pleasure provision of the NBA preempts state tort and contract claims
  7. Fair v. Bakhtiari

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    Holding that arbitration clause in mediation settlement agreement did not render the agreement admissible
  8. Cohen v. Wedbush, Noble, Cooke, Inc.

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    Holding that in order for a "mere omission to constitute actionable fraud, a plaintiff must first demonstrate that the defendant had a duty to disclose the fact at issue," and noting that "[w]e know of no case holding that parties dealing at arm's length have a duty to explain to each other the terms of a written contract"
  9. Television Events Marketing v. Amcon Distributing Co.

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    Dismissing a count alleging "willful, malicious, reckless, and wanton" conduct on the ground that it asserted an independent claim for punitive damages
  10. People ex rel. Sepulveda v. Highland Fed. Savings & Loan

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    Holding that general claims of unfair business practices and fraud were not preempted
  11. Section 1119 - Admissibility of statements, admissions, or writings; confidentiality

    Cal. Evid. Code § 1119   Cited 216 times   4 Legal Analyses
    Holding that no writing prepared for the purpose of mediation is admissible in a civil action in which testimony can be compelled