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    Holding that district courts have the discretion to certify a collective action by facilitating notice to potential plaintiffs of the "pendency of the action and of their opportunity to opt-in as represented plaintiffs"
  2. Vinole v. Countrywide Home Loans

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    Holding that district court abused its discretion in certifying class by relying on uniform exemption policy "to the near exclusion of other factors"
  3. Equal Emp't Opportunity Comm'n v. Port Auth. of N.Y. & N.J.

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    Holding that courts must "accept all factual allegations in the complaint as true and draw all reasonable inferences in favor of the plaintiff"
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    Holding a district court is "not required to comb the record to find some reason to deny a motion for summary judgment"
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    Finding that an exemption inquiry was "extremely individual and fact intensive," and deciding that "the individual nature of the inquiry required make collective treatment improper in this case"
  6. Mulhall v. Advance Sec., Inc.

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    Holding that although class titles are a relevant part of the inquiry as to whether two individuals had substantially similar jobs, it is not the end of inquiry
  7. Adams v. Inter-Con Sec. Systems, Inc.

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    Holding equitable tolling appropriate where defendant deliberately delayed in providing contact list
  8. Chao v. A-One Med. Servs., Inc.

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    Holding that " federal court must give to a state court judgment the same preclusive effect as would the courts of the state in which it was rendered"
  9. Purdham v. Fairfax Cty. Sch. Bd.

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    Concluding that "conditional certification [was] not appropriate based on the probable necessity of individualized FLSA determinations for each putative class member"
  10. Creely v. Hcr Manorcare Inc.

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    Finding that "the Court is not swayed by [the employer's] submission of thirty-five 'happy camper' affidavits
  11. Rule 30 - Depositions by Oral Examination

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    Upholding a district court's decision not to consider the plaintiff's deposition errata sheets in opposition to a motion for summary judgment when they were untimely
  12. Section 206 - Minimum wage

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    Asking only whether the alleged inequality resulted from “any other factor other than sex”