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    Holding that defendant's confession was voluntary despite being under the influence of codeine
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    Recognizing that, when confronted with a request to bar unspecified evidence, the "better practice is to deal with questions of admissibility of evidence as they arise [in actual trial]"
  3. Matter of Oil Spill by the Amoco Cadiz

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    Holding that question of whether defendant tortfeasors were entitled to reduction in plaintiffs' claims by amount of alleged nonparty tortfeasor's responsibility "was one of substantive law"
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    Holding where a party objected to the admissibility of evidence in a motion in limine, but did not interpose an objection at trial, the issue was not preserved on appeal
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    Holding to similar effect expressly as to evidence of opportunity and impliedly as to evidence of means
  6. Pacific Gas v. U.S.

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    Holding that because Yankee Atomic Electric Co.'s re-rack efforts were reasonable, foreseeable and caused by the Government's partial breach, their successful implementation was irrelevant
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    Finding authentication requirement met when party opposing summary judgment had produced the documents in discovery and concluding documents were non-hearsay under Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d) since they were created by company's employees
  8. Annex Books v. City of Indianapolis

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    Concluding that a showing that the city's evidence was not germane to the restrictions it enacted in combination with the presentation of a study by Linz raised a genuine issue of material fact and required remand for an evidentiary hearing
  9. Gibson v. County of Riverside

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    Holding that a suit against the State may not be filed unless the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board has acted on a claim or the claim "has been deemed to have been rejected by the board"
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    Holding that report prepared at the request and substantial participation of a company, and then subsequently distributed throughout the company, was “authorized” by that company
  11. Rule 403 - Excluding Relevant Evidence for Prejudice, Confusion, Waste of Time, or Other Reasons

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    Adopting a similar standard, but requiring the probative value to be "substantially outweighed" by these risks
  12. Rule 801 - Definitions That Apply to This Article; Exclusions from Hearsay

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    Holding that such a statement must merely be made by the party and offered against that party
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    Defining "pleadings" for purposes of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure