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    Holding that there cannot be a genuine issue of material fact where the nonmoving party fails to make a sufficient showing to establish the existence of an essential element
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    Vacating grant of summary judgment despite "rather frail" evidence including testimony containing "flagrant contradictions"
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    Holding that proximity of the federal districts is a consideration in change-of-venue analysis
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    Holding "ancillary equitable relief" under 13(b) includes "the power to order repayment of money for consumer redress as restitution" and affirming $16 million in disgorgement
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  6. Am. Elec. Power Co. v. Westinghouse Elec. Corp.

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    Upholding virtually identical clause
  7. Gemstones v. Union Carbide

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    Holding that once a buyer invokes § 2-717, its further liability for goods sold and delivered is "extinguished"
  8. Atlantic Fish Spotters Ass'n v. Evans

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    Concluding that it was not unreasonable to read an appropriation act's prohibition of the use of “spotter planes” by tuna fishermen as lasting for only one year because “[p]olitics is, after all, the art of compromise”
  9. Mahan v. Boston Water and Sewer Com'n

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    Rejecting the extension of the sham affidavit rule to post-deposition affidavits of non-deposed, non-party affiants in part because doing so would "turn summary judgment into a trial on the merits"
  10. Hunter v. Youthstream Media Networks, Inc.

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    Applying the traditional four-part preliminary injunction standard in analogous circumstances
  11. Section 106:2-717 - Deduction of damages from price

    Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 106 § 2-717   Cited 2 times

    The buyer on notifying the seller of his intention so to do may deduct all or any part of the damages resulting from any breach of the contract from any part of the price still due under the same contract. Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 106, § 2-717