38 Cited authorities

  1. Pioneer Investment Services Company v. Brunswick Associates Limited Partnership

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    Holding that clients must be held accountable for the acts and omissions of their attorneys
  2. Curtiss-Wright Corp. v. General Electric Co.

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    Holding that it was "proper for the District Judge here to consider such factors as whether the claims under review were separable from the others remaining to be adjudicated and whether the nature of the claims already determined was such that no appellate court would have to decide the same issues more than once even if there were subsequent appeals"
  3. Reese v. BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.

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    Holding that an interlocutory appeal would materially advance resolution of litigation where reversal by the appellate court would dismiss one defendant and resolve multiple claims against all defendants, even though it would not resolve the entire case
  4. Silivanch v. Celebrity Cruises, Inc.

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    Holding that grant or denial of Rule 4 relief “cannot be set aside by a reviewing court unless it has a definite and firm conviction that the court below committed a clear error of judgment in the conclusion that it reached upon a weighing of the relevant factors”
  5. Klinghoffer v. S.N.C. Achille Lauro

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    Holding that "it continues to be true that only 'exceptional circumstances [will] justify a departure from the basic policy of postponing appellate review until after the entry of a final judgment.'"
  6. Canfield v. Van Atta Buick/GMC Truck, Inc.

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    Holding not clearly erroneous the district court's decision that a lawyer's failure to file motion papers within the time limit established by a local rule was not excusable neglect under Rule 60(b)
  7. Anderson v. Yungkau

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    Holding that dismissal in this circumstance is "mandatory"
  8. Williams v. KFC National Management. Co.

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    Holding that filing of a timely notice of appeal is "mandatory and jurisdictional"
  9. Unicorn Tales, Inc. v. Banerjee

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    Holding surviving spouse's statement of fact of death was sufficient to trigger 90-day period, despite fact she was neither a party or a formal or appointed representative of the estate of the decedent
  10. In re Fairfield Sentry Ltd., et al. Litigation

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    Holding that unjust enrichment claim was a state law claim not created by federal bankruptcy law
  11. Rule 6 - Computing and Extending Time; Time for Motion Papers

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    Holding that "if the last day [of a period] is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the period continues to run until the end of the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday."
  12. Rule 4 - Appeal as of Right-When Taken

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    Holding that a defendant must file his or her notice of appeal in a criminal case within fourteen days after the judgment's entry
  13. Section 1292 - Interlocutory decisions

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    Granting appellate jurisdiction over the denial of an injunction
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    Granting courts of appeals jurisdiction over appeals of final decisions of district courts or bankruptcy appellate panels in bankruptcy cases
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    Referring to the death of "a party" whose "claim is not extinguished"
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  17. Rule 7025 - Substitution of Parties

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