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    Holding that "business information that might harm a litigant's competitive standing" can constitute a sufficient reason to preserve records under seal
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    Holding public employees could not be fired because of their politics unless they held "policymaking" or "confidential" positions
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    Holding that media have a right of access to voir dire
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    Holding that criminaltrials must be open to the public
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    Holding that safeguarding well-being of minor is compelling and may justify closure of criminal trial from public access
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    Holding that a criminal proceeding may be closed to protect the accused's right to a fair trial only if doing so is "narrowly tailored to serve that interest," meaning that "there is a substantial probability that the defendant's right to a fair trial will be prejudiced by publicity that closure would prevent" and that "reasonable alternatives to closure cannot adequately protect the defendant's fair trial rights" (quoting Press-Enter. Co. v. Superior Ct., 464 U.S. 501, 510, 104 S.Ct. 819, 78 L.Ed.2d 629 (1984) )
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    Holding that the Phillips exception is "expressly limited to the status of materials . . . attached to a non-dispositive motion"
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    Holding that "the record [was] lacking in evidence to support" a finding that alternative "measures might not be adequate"
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    Holding that the party or intervenor “seeking protection bears the burden of showing specific prejudice or harm will result if no protective order is granted”
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    Holding that a claim of potential harm to national security does not provide the executive branch with unconstrained authority to override the freedom of the press