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    Holding that a trial judge must ensure that all admitted expert testimony "is not only relevant, but reliable"
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    Holding that the Daubert gatekeeping standard applies not only to "scientific testimony" but also to "all expert testimony"
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    Holding that under the abuse of discretion standard the appellate court will not reverse unless the ruling is manifestly erroneous
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    Upholding award of punitive damages where an employer demonstrated "ostrich-like" behavior by ignoring repeated complaints about a harasser
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    Holding that adaptation to adverse ruling on motion in limine did not waive established objection
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    Holding that either "hands on testing" or "review of experimental, statistical, or other scientific data generated by others in the field" may suffice as a reasonable methodology upon which to base an opinion
  7. Gaia Technologies, Inc. v. Reconversion Technologies, Inc.

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    Holding that an assignment, executed on October 24, 1994, but which claimed to be effective "prior to Gaia's filing of the instant suit," was not sufficient to confer standing on Gaia
  8. Wendler v. American Intern

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    Ruling expert’s ipse dixit conclusion inadmissible when report failed to say what software was used, what data was entered, what results were produced, and how alternative explanations were ruled out
  9. Central Mfg., Inc. v. Brett

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    Holding that “[a]n action for trademark infringement can only succeed if, among other things, the plaintiff owns the mark,” and although “[r]egistration provides prima facie evidence of ownership ..., [u]ltimately, it is not the fact of registration that matters so much as the use of the mark in commerce”
  10. Kelley v. Chicago Park Dist

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    Questioning Phillips's limitation on the public presentation exception and discussing why the public presentation exception may be applicable to art that integrates its location as one of its elements
  11. Rule 702 - Testimony by Expert Witnesses

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    Adopting the Daubert standard
  12. Rule 5 - Serving and Filing Pleadings and Other Papers

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    Allowing service by filing papers with the court's electronic-filing system
  13. Section 410 - Registration of claim and issuance of certificate

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    Finding that production of a certificate of copyright registration gave rise to a rebuttable presumption that copyright was valid
  14. Section 202.1 - Material not subject to copyright

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    Denying registration to "[w]ords and short phrases such as names, titles, and slogans; familiar symbols and designs; mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering or coloring; mere listing of ingredients or contents."