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    In Matter of Dairylea Coop. v Walkley (38 N.Y.2d 6), we set forth a two-part test for determining when a party has standing to contest administrative action.
  2. Boreali v. Axelrod

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    In Boreali v. Axelrod, 71 N.Y.2d 1 (1987), the high court invalidated antismoking regulations promulgated by the Public Health Council ("PHC") on the ground that the detailed regulatory scheme exceeded the PHC's statutory authority over matters affecting the public health.
  3. Noel v. N.Y.C. Taxi & Limousine Comm'n

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    Holding that public entity is not liable for inaccessible taxi companies it licenses and regulates
  4. New York State Superfund Coal., Inc. v. New York State Dep't of Envtl. Conservation

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    2011-12-15 In the Matter of NEW YORK STATE SUPERFUND COALITION, INC., Appellant, v. NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION et al., Respondents. Hiscock & Barclay, LLP, Rochester (Thomas F. Walsh, Thomas J. Warth and Danielle E. Mettler of counsel), for appellant. Eric T. Schneiderman, Attorney General, Albany (Andrew B. Ayers, Barbara D. Underwood and Denise A. Hartman of counsel), for respondents. JONES Hiscock & Barclay, LLP, Rochester (Thomas F. Walsh, Thomas J. Warth and Danielle

  5. Beer Garden, Inc. v. New York State Liquor Authority

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    In Matter of Beer Garden v New York State Liq. Auth. (79 N.Y.2d 266, 279), the Court of Appeals quoted with favor the language of Trans World Airlines v Civil Aeronautics Bd. (254 F.2d 90, 91), holding "`that one who participates in a case on behalf of any party, whether actively or merely formally'", should take no part in the decision.
  6. Matter of Barry v. O'Connell

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    In Matter of Barry v. O'Connell (303 N.Y. 46, 52) it is stated that "Although the standard fixed by the Legislature for locating `off premises liquor and wine stores in neighborhood communities' is required to be a location `which most effectively serves public convenience and advantage'", the Authority, in its second reason — for disapproving the petitioner's application, stated (p. 49) its conclusion to be "In view of the type of neighborhood, there is no need for a package store at the location applied for".
  7. Mayfield v. Evans

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    Finding a New York State Division of Parole regulation to conflict with a statute and remanding case to the Board of Parole so that petitioner could receive a new hearing consistent with due process
  8. Metro. Taxicab Bd. of Trade v. New York City Taxi & Limousine Comm'n

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  9. Noel v. N.Y.C. Taxi & Limousine Comm'n

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    Finding lack of meaningful access where "less than 2% of the city's [taxi] fleet" was wheelchair accessible
  10. Tze Chun Liao v. New York State Banking Department

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    Noting rise in use of check cashing facilities because traditional institutions have reduced personal consumer services
  11. Section 12101 - Findings and purpose

    42 U.S.C. § 12101   Cited 19,110 times   56 Legal Analyses
    Finding a pattern of " unnecessary discrimination and prejudice" that "costs the United States billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses resulting from dependency and nonproductivity"
  12. Section 463 - Unfair business practices by franchisors

    N.Y. Veh. & Traf. Law § 463   Cited 46 times
    Providing that a franchisor may not "refuse to accept a return of" a terminated franchisee's inventory and must pay fair and reasonable compensation when repurchasing the inventory