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    Stating "relevancy under Rule 26 is not without bounds"
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    Case No. 05-cv-1159. February 9, 2007 ORDER JOE McDADE, Chief Judge Before this Court are the Motion to Strike the Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the plaintiff, Robert O. Idahosa, on December 21, 2006 [Doc. 31] and the Motion to Supplement filed by the defendants, Creve Coeur Police Department, Village of Creve Coeur, and Brian K. Despines, on February 6, 2007 [Doc. 36]. For the reasons that follow, the motion to strike is DENIED and the motion to supplement is GRANTED. Background On November

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    City employee, suing city and individuals for racial and political patronage discrimination arising out of denial of promotions, moved for reconsideration of order denying motion to compel discovery. The District Court, Rosemond, United States Magistrate Judge, held that: (1) evidence advanced as newly discovered and significant was neither; (2) request for information regarding all promoted persons in employee's department was overbroad; (3) request for daily activity sheets of persons performing

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    It shall be unlawful for any person, partnership, company, corporation, association, or organization of any kind, doing business in this state, directly or through any agent or attorney, to induce, influence, persuade, or engage any person to change from one place to another in this state, or to change from any place in any state, territory, or country to any place in this state, to work in any branch of labor through or by means of knowingly false representations, whether spoken, written, or advertised