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    Holding that the abuse of police power was sovereign in nature and so the Saudi Arabian government was immune
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    Holding that the federal common law act of state doctrine precluded a federal court from considering a state law challenge to the Cuban government's expropriation of certain property
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    Holding that federal courts ordinarily have the obligation to exercise their jurisdiction and "[t]he act of state doctrine does not establish an exception for cases and controversies that may embarrass foreign governments"
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    Holding that "although [defendant-]appellant’s Statute of Limitations argument fails, [its] contention that the [plaintiff] did not exercise reasonable diligence in locating the painting" is relevant "in the context of laches defense"
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    Holding that a conversion claim was actionable for possession of a master recording
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    Holding that defendant-appellant New York corporations who held property on behalf of defendants Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos could not assert foreign sovereign immunity
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    Holding act of state doctrine barred American courts from considering the sale of animal hides by the Mexican government
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    13 Argued January 14, 2003. Decided February 20, 2003. APPEAL, by permission of the Court of Appeals, from an order of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the First Judicial Department, entered October 30, 2001, which affirmed an order of the Supreme Court (Robert Lippmann, J.), entered in New York County, granting a motion by defendants for summary judgment dismissing the complaint. Constantine P. Kokkoris, for appellant. Lawrence Heisler, for respondents. Judges Smith, Ciparick, Wesley

  9. Mtr. of Peters v. Sotheby's

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    Finding that if court accepted petitioner's claim that artwork was converted, action would be time-barred because statute of limitations would have began on the date of conversion
  10. Metropolitan Museum Historic District Coalition v. De Montebello

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    Holding that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not a governmental "agency" and so is not subject to FOIL's provisions