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    Holding that courts have discretion to decide whether to extend time to serve for good cause shown or in the interest of justice
  2. Riley v. County of Broome

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    Noting that though legislative history can be relevant when interpreting New York statutes, "the words of the statute are the best evidence of the Legislature's intent," and "[a]s a general rule, unambiguous language of a statute is alone determinative"
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    Holding municipality opened suburban park without the encouragement of the New York Recreational Use Act
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    Upholding constitutionality of a municipal ordinance
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    Finding separate levels of oversight can coexist when the impact is tangential
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    In 41 Kew Gardens Rd. Assocs. v Tyburski (70 N.Y.2d 325), this Court held that a similar requirement that property owners file income and expense statements to facilitate preparation of property assessments was facially constitutional and a valid exercise of the City's home rule power.
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    Tracing evolution of home rule amendment to New York State's Constitution
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