20 Cited authorities

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    Holding that Federal Arbitration Act provides "exclusive" grounds for vacatur or modification of arbitration award
  2. Paperworkers v. Misco, Inc.

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    Holding jurisdiction to enforce a collective bargaining agreement only vests once grievance and arbitration procedures are exhausted
  3. Wilko v. Swan

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    Holding void an agreement to arbitrate in lieu of judicial remedy provided by Securities Exchange Act
  4. Major League Ump. v. Amer. League

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    Rejecting a request to overturn an arbitration award because "at their core, many of the claims raised by both sides in this litigation amount to little more than requests for judicial review of the merits of the Award."
  5. United Transp. U. Local 1589 v. Suburban Tran

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    Holding that courts have very little authority to disturb arbitration awards
  6. Acands, Inc. v. Travelers Cas. and Sur. Co.

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    Holding "that the automatic stay provision of the Bankruptcy Code promotes a public policy sufficient to preclude enforcement of an award that violates its terms or interferes with its purposes
  7. Mut. Fire, Marine Inland v. Norad Reinsurance

    868 F.2d 52 (3d Cir. 1989)   Cited 119 times
    Concluding that "[i]t is not this Court's role . . . to sit as the [arbitration] panel did and reexamine the evidence under the guise of determining whether the arbitrators exceeded their powers."
  8. Colonial Penn Ins. Co. v. Omaha Indem. Co.

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    Holding that the district court erred in confirming an award that "was entered in derogation of the functus officio doctrine"
  9. Local 863 Intl. Broth v. Jersey Coast Egg Prod

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    Finding that an arbitrator's refusal to consider the possible collateral estoppel effect of a misdemeanor conviction did not justify vacatur, because it was "the decision of the arbitrator, and the arbitrator alone, whether the misdemeanor conviction constitute[d] just cause for the dismissal under the terms of the ... agreement"

    378 F.2d 569 (3d Cir. 1967)   Cited 111 times
    Explaining that the third exception applies when the supplemental decision "in no way reopen the merits of the controversy."
  11. Rule 5 - Serving and Filing Pleadings and Other Papers

    Fed. R. Civ. P. 5   Cited 22,245 times   16 Legal Analyses
    Allowing service by filing papers with the court's electronic-filing system
  12. Section 10 - Same; vacation; grounds; rehearing

    9 U.S.C. § 10   Cited 5,442 times   103 Legal Analyses
    Vacating arbitration award appropriate " where the award was procured by corruption, fraud, or undue means; where there was evident partiality or corruption in the arbitrators, or either of them; where the arbitrators were guilty of misconduct in refusing to postpone the hearing, upon sufficient cause shown, or in refusing to hear evidence pertinent and material to the controversy; or of any other misbehavior by which the rights of any party have been prejudiced; or where the arbitrators exceeded their powers, or so imperfectly executed them that a mutual, final, and definite award upon the subject matter submitted was not made."
  13. Section 12 - Notice of motions to vacate or modify; service; stay of proceedings

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    Providing that a motion to vacate must be served on the adverse party "within 3 months after the award is filed or served"
  14. Section 6 - Application heard as motion

    9 U.S.C. § 6   Cited 275 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Providing that any application under the statute "shall be made and heard in the manner provided by law for the making and hearing of motions"