6 Cited authorities

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    Holding that "[r]easonable minds can disagree" as to whether an "absolute pollution exclusion" bars coverage for injuries resulting from exposure to paint or solvent fumes
  2. United States F G v. Annunziata

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    Recognizing that where condition included in one provision is omitted from another, it “must be assumed to have been intentional under accepted canons of contract construction”
  3. Pioneer Tower v. State Farm Fire

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    In Pioneer Tower, plaintiff sought recovery under a State Farm policy for damage to its condominium apartment building caused by construction on a neighboring lot.
  4. Mostow v. State Farm Insurance

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    Affirming an insurance award of over $100,000 when the policy ambiguously provided both a $100,000 per person limit and a $300,000 limit when two or more persons were injured
  5. 242-44 East 77th Street, LLC v. Greater New York Mutual Insurance

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    Noting that "the meaning of a word in a series of words is determined by the company it keeps"
  6. Hudson v. Allstate Insurance Company

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    Examining a similar clause and finding that the pipe in question "was not below the surface of the ground" where it entered the "house through the foundation wall and ran through artificially created gravel material that filled the area above the ground"