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    In People v. Silva, 24 N.Y.3d 294, 998 N.Y.S.2d 154, 22 N.E.3d 1022 [2014] and People v. Hanson, 24 N.Y.3d 294, 998 N.Y.S.2d 154, 22 N.E.3d 1022 [2014], the Court of Appeals held that the trial courts committed mode of proceedings errors by failing to notify counsel of jury notes before the juries in each case reached their verdicts, even though the transcripts in both cases failed to establish whether the courts were aware that the notes had been submitted.
  2. People v. Hameed

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    Argued May 2, 1996 Decided June 5, 1996 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Second Judicial Department, John T. Gallagher, J., Ralph Sherman, J. Mark B. Gombiner, Brooklyn, and Kunstler and Kuby, New York City (Ronald L. Kuby of counsel), for appellants. Richard A. Brown, District Attorney of Queens County, Kew Gardens (Andrew L. Zwerling of counsel), for respondent. BELLACOSA, J. The two legal issues emanating from this murder conviction after a third jury trial are whether

  3. Section 3 - Definition of a county

    N.Y. County Law § 3   Cited 51 times

    A county is a municipal corporation comprising the inhabitants within its boundaries and formed for the purpose of exercising such powers and discharging such duties of local government and administration of public affairs as may be imposed or conferred upon it by law. N.Y. CountyLaw § 3