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    In People v. Taranovich, 37 N.Y.2d 442 (1975), the New York Court of Appeals adopted a substantially similar balancing test, using the following factors: "(1) the extent of the delay; (2) the reason for the delay; (3) the nature of the underlying charge; (4) whether or not there has been an extended period of pretrial incarceration; and (5) whether or not there is any indication that the defense has been impaired by reason of the delay."
  2. People v. Singer

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    Providing a defendant with a pre-trial hearing to determine whether a pre-indictment delay was reasonable
  3. People v. Staley

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    Argued April 1, 1977 Decided June 7, 1977 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Fourth Judicial Department, FRANK R. BAYGER, J. Joseph A. Shifflett and Nathaniel A. Barrell, Buffalo, for appellant. Edward C. Cosgrove, District Attorney (Judith Blake Manzella of counsel), Buffalo, for respondent. Chief Judge BREITEL. Defendant, convicted after a jury trial of unauthorized use of a vehicle (Penal Law, § 165.05), seeks reversal of his conviction and dismissal of the indictment

  4. People v. Lesiuk

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    Finding that a desire to continue to use an informant to arrange another drug transaction involving the defendant constituted sufficient reason for an eight month delay in arresting the defendant
  5. People v. Nazario

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  6. People v. Rodriguez

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    March 29, 2001. Judgment, Supreme Court, New York County (Budd Goodman, J. on Singer motion; Mary McGowan Davis, J. on Wilkins motion, jury trial and sentence), rendered June 9, 1997, convicting defendant of murder in the second degree and attempted murder in the second degree, and sentencing him, as a second felony offender, to consecutive terms of 25 years to life and 12½ to 25 years, respectively, and order, same court (John Stackhouse, J.), entered on or about November 29, 1999, which denied

  7. People v. Gallup

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    February 22, 1996 Appeal from the County Court of St. Lawrence County (Nicandri, J.). Casey, J.Page 839 Defendant contends that County Court erred in denying his motion to dismiss the indictment, which charged him with the crime of arson in the fourth degree, due to the more than four-year delay from the date of the crime until the date of the indictment. Initially, we note that although a guilty plea effects a forfeiture of the right to renew many arguments made before the plea, defendant's claim

  8. People v. Wheeler

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    (1503) KA 01-00912 December 21, 2001. (Appeal from Judgment of Steuben County Court, Furfure, J. — Attempted Perjury, 1st Degree.) PRESENT: PIGOTT, JR., P.J., GREEN, PINE, HAYES AND HURLBUTT, JJ. Judgment unanimously reversed on the law, motion granted, indictment dismissed and matter remitted to Steuben County Court for proceedings pursuant to CPL 470.45. Memorandum: County Court erred in denying the motion of defendant seeking dismissal of the indictment on the ground that preindictment delay deprived

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    April 8, 1988 Appeal from the Niagara County Court, Hannigan, J. Present — Doerr, J.P., Boomer, Green, Lawton and Davis, JJ. Judgment unanimously modified on the law and as modified affirmed, in accordance with the following memorandum: On appeal from convictions of two counts of felony murder and related crimes, defendant raises several claims, none requiring reversal. Defendant's primary claim is that the trial court erred in failing to charge that the testimony of an alleged accomplice must be