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    Noting that City and BOE remain separate
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    In Boreali v. Axelrod, 71 N.Y.2d 1 (1987), the high court invalidated antismoking regulations promulgated by the Public Health Council ("PHC") on the ground that the detailed regulatory scheme exceeded the PHC's statutory authority over matters affecting the public health.
  4. N.Y. St. Rest. v. N.Y. City Bd.

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    Holding required “disclosure of calorie information in connection with a proposed commercial transaction—the sale of a restaurant meal”—is “clearly commercial speech” notwithstanding state restaurant association's claim that the disclosure required restaurants “to cram calorie information down the throats of their customers”
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    Holding that inferences should not be drawn from legislative inaction
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    In Nicholas the Public Service Commission adopted rules prohibiting various employees, and their children and spouses, from owning any interest in certain business concerns whose performance was related to companies regulated by the Commission.
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    Distinguishing Boreali in rejecting the defendant's argument that the New York City Division of Housing and Community Renewal “overstepped its mandate and invaded the province of the legislature, in violation of the constitutional separation of powers” in enacting regulations providing protections from eviction to family members of rent stabilized housing tenants
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    Noting that the executive order required State agencies to make voter registration forms available through their staffs and provide assistance in completing the forms
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    Argued September 11, 1991 Decided October 22, 1991 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Third Judicial Department, Lawrence E. Kahn, J. J. Scott Greer and Lou Lewis for appellants in proceeding No. 1. Martin S. Kaufman, Douglas Foster and Malcolm Wilson for appellants in proceeding No. 2. Lou Lewis, Michael J. Englert and Kenneth F. Peshkin for appellants in proceeding No. 3. Jacob M. Lewis, Stephen A. Wakefield, Marc Johnston, Percy H. Russell, Jr., Stuart M. Gerson, Frederick

  10. Knight-Ridder v. Greenberg

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    In Green (27 Cal 3d at 59-62, 609 P2d at 504-506), the Supreme Court of California addressed a question similar to the one before us. Green is pertinent because the California capital punishment statute does not require that the murder be "in furtherance of" the felony.
  11. Section 23 - Local laws subject to mandatory referendum

    N.Y. Mun. Home Rule Law § 23   Cited 124 times
    Applying only to those laws that "change[] the membership or composition of the legislative body. . . ."
  12. Section 206 - Commissioner; general powers and duties

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    1. The commissioner shall: (a) take cognizance of the interests of health and life of the people of the state, and of all matters pertaining thereto and exercise the functions, powers and duties of the department prescribed by law; (b) exercise general supervision over the work of all local boards of health and health officers, unless otherwise provided by law; (c) exercise general supervision and control of the medical treatment of patients in the state institutions, public health centers and clinics

  13. Section 228 - Sanitary code; application

    N.Y. Pub. Health Law § 228   Cited 13 times

    1. The provisions of the sanitary code, unless otherwise stated by the public health and health planning council, shall apply to and be effective in all portions of the state and shall supersede all local ordinances heretofore or hereafter enacted inconsistent therewith. 2. Each county, city, town or village, in the manner hereinafter prescribed, may enact sanitary regulations not inconsistent with the sanitary code established by the public health and health planning council. 3. Local laws, ordinances

  14. Section 50 - Legislative intent

    N.Y. Mun. Home Rule Law § 50   Cited 9 times

    1. It is the intention of the legislature by this chapter to provide for carrying into effect provisions of article nine of the constitution and the statute of local governments and to enable local governments to adopt and amend local laws for the purpose of fully and completely exercising the powers granted to them under the terms and spirit of such article. 2. There is hereby reserved to the board of supervisors of every county not wholly included in a city, the board of aldermen, common council

  15. Section 225 - [Effective Until 1/1/2021] Public health and health planning council; powers and duties; sanitary code

    N.Y. Pub. Health Law § 225   Cited 6 times

    1. The public health and health planning council shall, at the request of the commissioner, consider any matter relating to the preservation and improvement of public health, and may advise the commissioner thereon; and it may, from time to time, submit to the commissioner, any recommendations relating to the preservation and improvement of public health. 2. The public health and health planning council shall appoint one or more advisory committees expert in the major areas of public health concern

  16. Section 312 - City of New York; exceptions and limitations

    N.Y. Pub. Health Law § 312   Cited 4 times

    Unless otherwise expressly provided, the provisions of this article except section three hundred ten of this chapter shall not apply to the city of New York. N.Y. Pub. Health Law § 312

  17. Section 56 - Existing charters and other laws continued

    N.Y. Mun. Home Rule Law § 56   Cited 2 times

    1. All existing valid provisions of laws, charters and local laws not specifically repealed by this chapter shall continue in force until lawfully repealed, amended, modified or superseded. 2. A reference in any law, ordinance, resolution, rule, regulation or document to any provision of the city home rule law, village home rule law, article six or article six-a of the county law, or sections fifty-one-a through fifty-one-f of the town law, repealed by this chapter, in force at the time this chapter

  18. s 14-1.190 - Permits, application, fees, issuance, inspection

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    (a) A valid permit issued by the permit-issuing official having jurisdiction is required for lawful operation of a food service establishment. This permit is to be prominently displayed at each food service establishment where it can be seen by the consumer. At establishments that serve retail frozen desserts, the $25 permit fee imposed by Public Health Law, section 225(5)(s) shall be paid at the time any other permit fees related to the operation of the food service establishment are collected by