21 Cited authorities

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    Holding that a spousal notification provision was unconstitutional
  2. Bogan v. Scott-Harris

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    Holding that local executive officials could invoke legislative immunity with respect to their legitimate legislative acts
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    Holding unconstitutional a requirement that initiative petition circulators be registered voters
  4. Miller v. Johnson

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    Holding that racial considerations are subject to strict scrutiny when they subordinate "traditional race-neutral districting principles"
  5. United States v. Hayes

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    Holding that the last-antecedent rule is defeated when applying it would violate the rule against superfluity and strain the syntax of the provision
  6. Shaw v. Hunt

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    Holding that State's remedy, creating an additional majority-black district, was not narrowly tailored because it was "not required under a correct reading of § 5"
  7. Heckler v. Mathews

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    Holding that stigma of discrimination confers standing even though remedy may confer no material benefit
  8. U.S. v. Skoien

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    Holding constitutional 18 U.S.C. § 922(g), which forbids those convicted of crimes of domestic violence to possess a gun
  9. U.S. v. Yancey

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    Holding that Second Amendment does not protect the right to have firearms while a person abuses drugs
  10. Treatment v. City

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    Holding that "it is inappropriate to apply the `reasonable modification' test to facially discriminatory laws"
  11. Rule 56 - Summary Judgment

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    Holding a party may move for summary judgment on any part of any claim or defense in the lawsuit
  12. Section 922 - Unlawful acts

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    Finding that "even before the sale of a firearm, the gun, its component parts, ammunition, and the raw materials from which they are made have considerably moved in interstate commerce"