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    Holding that policy exclusions "are not to be extended by interpretation or implication but are to be accorded a strict and narrow construction" and that any ambiguity will be resolved against the insurer
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    Concluding that settlement offers or reserves set aside for insureds' claims do not equate to “undisputed amounts” of benefits due under a policy
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    In Pioneer Tower, plaintiff sought recovery under a State Farm policy for damage to its condominium apartment building caused by construction on a neighboring lot.
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    Holding that APE did not apply to claim related to child's ingestion of lead paint
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    Holding that insurer had the opportunity and the obligation to request specific interrogatories allocating damages between covered and uncovered claims where insurer's attorney attended the trial, was in contact with defense counsel, and sat in on chambers conferences
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    Finding that pro rata application was appropriate when the policies did not indicate a desire to assign liability to a single insurer and the injury could not be assigned "to particular policy periods."
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    13 Argued January 14, 2003. Decided February 20, 2003. APPEAL, by permission of the Court of Appeals, from an order of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the First Judicial Department, entered October 30, 2001, which affirmed an order of the Supreme Court (Robert Lippmann, J.), entered in New York County, granting a motion by defendants for summary judgment dismissing the complaint. Constantine P. Kokkoris, for appellant. Lawrence Heisler, for respondents. Judges Smith, Ciparick, Wesley

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  9. Smith v. Cassida

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    In Smith v. Cassida, 403 Pa. 404, 169 A.2d 539 (1961), our Supreme Court was presented with a case that involved a claim by the husband of an injured spouse to receive medical care costs and damages for loss of services from Defendant's insurance company.