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    Holding that First Amendment restrains "government action, not that of private persons"
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    Holding that the New York State Constitution independently provides protection for statements of opinion greater than those required by the First Amendment
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    Recognizing a qualified privilege arising under the federal and the state constitutions for non-confidential materials
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    Upholding reporter's privilege in part because information sought was not important
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    Holding that nonconfidential materials are protected under the journalist's privilege because there is a "broader concern for the potential harm to the 'paramount public interest in the maintenance of a vigorous, aggressive and independent press'" (quoting Baker, 470 F.2d at 782)
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    Finding out-of-State balancing test to provide insufficient protection
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    In Beach we held that a Grand Jury subpoena should have been quashed where the only testimony sought was the identity of a broadcast reporter's confidential source.
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    Upholding assertion of privilege
  11. Section 79-H - Special provisions relating to persons employed by, or connected with, news media

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    Applying New York's Shield Law only to "professional journalists and newscasters"