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    Holding that the sufficiency of the allegations is a legal question so appellate courts have jurisdiction to consider it on appeal from denial of qualified immunity
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    Holding that conclusory allegations that the defendants acted unlawfully were insufficient to state a claim
  3. Chaparro v. Carnival Corp.

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    Holding the same when the plaintiffs were "trapped in bus during shooting near [the beach]" where their daughter was shot to death
  4. Davis v. Coca-Cola Bottling

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    Holding that hiring decisions were "discrete acts of discrimination" that could not go forward under the continuing-violation doctrine
  5. Strat. Income Fund v. Spear, Leeds Kellogg

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    Deciding that the third amended complaint, which contained 127 paragraphs, all incorporated by reference into nine separate counts created an "onerous task" for the trial court to sift through
  6. Pearson v. Component Tech. Corp.

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    Holding that no person held a director or officer position both with CompTech and with GECC
  7. Virgo v. Riviera Beach Associates, Ltd.

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    Holding that two companies were joint employers and therefore liable to the employee, but using agency principles to determine the extent of one employer's liability for the other employer's actions
  8. Lusk v. Foxmeyer Health Corp.

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    Holding that a parent and subsidiary were not a single enterprise because the court concluded, inter alia, that the two companies did not share the same human resources department
  9. Thomas v. BSE Industrial Contractors, Inc.

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    Holding that a worker's fear that he would contract cancer because of his exposure to asbestos was insufficient to state a claim for outrage
  10. Potts v. Hayes

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    Holding that filing a report of the plaintiff-nurse's drug addiction with the state nursing board, which then brought formal charges against the plaintiff, was not actionable as extreme and outrageous conduct under the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress
  11. Section 2000e-5 - Enforcement provisions

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    Holding charges must be made in writing, under oath, and contain all information as the Commission requires
  12. Section 6-2-38 - Commencement of actions - Two years

    Ala. Code § 6-2-38   Cited 730 times   4 Legal Analyses
    Establishing a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury actions
  13. Section 25-5-11.1 - Employee not to be terminated solely for action to recover benefits nor for filing notice of safety rule violation

    Ala. Code § 25-5-11.1   Cited 230 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Providing "[n]o employee shall be terminated by an employer solely because the employee has instituted or maintained any action against the employer to recover workers' compensation benefits under this chapter . . .."