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    Holding that partnership's status as a registered California entity did not alter conclusion that New York law should apply to fraudulent transfer claims
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    Finding waiver when adjudicating fee dispute after the settlement of an underlying suit
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    Noting that New York's limited liability partnership legislation "eliminated the vicarious liability of a general partner"
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    Holding that “pending contingent fee cases are partnership property and, therefore, assets subject to distribution on dissolution”
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    Holding that "[i]n Pennsylvania, the quasi-contractual doctrine of unjust enrichment (quantum meruit ) does not apply when a written agreement or express contract exists between the parties"
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    In Shandell, for example, the plaintiff had voluntarily withdrawn from a law partnership, taking with him 14 contingent fee cases, and eventually recovering $1.6 million.
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    Bankruptcy Case No. 08-32514DM Adversary Proceeding No. 10-3221DM 01-28-2014 In re HELLER EHRMAN LLP, Debtor. HELLER EHRMAN LLP, Plaintiff, v. JONES DAY, Defendant. DENNIS MONTALI __________ U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Chapter 11 MEMORANDUM DECISION ON MOTIONS FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT AND PARTIAL SUMMARY JUDGMENT ON THE VALUE OF UNFINISHED BUSINESS TO BE RECOVERED I. INTRODUCTION On November 6, 2013, the court heard oral argument on four motions filed by Heller Ehrman LLP ("Heller"), by and through Michael