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    Recognizing that "[w]here only an approximation of cost or value is possible, discrepancies may have to be endured in the name of administrative flexibility so long as there exists some rational underpinning on the charges levied"
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    Concluding that homosexuality qualifies as a quasi-suspect classification deserving of heightened scrutiny
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    Holding that in the absence of a breach of the union's duty of fair representation, the failure to exhaust all contractual remedies, including arbitration bars the employee's right to sue the employer directly
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    Adopting standard of adequacy
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    Affirming Appellate Division ruling that probationary teacher did not have a valid claim under Section 1983 because she did not have a property interest in her position
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    Noting local board's discretion in selecting probationary teachers and evaluating them for appointment
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    Noting that in a grantor/grantee indexing system, a bona fide purchaser is deemed to have constructive notice only of those records in the direct chain of title
  9. Matter of Plummer v. Klepak

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    In Plummer v. Klepak, (48 N.Y.2d 486, 489-90, 423 N.Y.S.2d 866, 867, 1979) the petitioner, who was deemed to have resigned from his employment following a period of unexplained absence, was denied CPLR Article 78 relief because he failed to avail himself of the grievance procedure set forth in the collective bargaining agreement by which he was bound.
  10. McGovern v. Mount Pleasant Cent. Sch. Dist.

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    No. 74. 06-04-2015 In the Matter of Elizabeth McGOVERN, Appellant, v. MOUNT PLEASANT CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT, Respondent. Rutkin & Wolf PLLC, Bronx (Jason M. Wolf of counsel), for appellant. Ingerman Smith, LLP, Harrison (Emily J. Lucas of counsel), for respondent. Rutkin & Wolf PLLC, Bronx (Jason M. Wolf of counsel), for appellant. Ingerman Smith, LLP, Harrison (Emily J. Lucas of counsel), for respondent. OPINION OF THE COURT MEMORANDUM. The order of the Appellate Division should be affirmed, with