24 Cited authorities

  1. Liriano v. Hobart Corp.

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    Holding that no duty to warn exists when hazards are known through "general knowledge"
  2. Pulka v. Edelman

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    Holding that parking garage owner had no special relationship to pedestrians passing by on sidewalk in front of garage exit and that garage had no duty to protect off-premise pedestrians from negligent conduct of patrons
  3. Hamilton v. Beretta U.S.A. Corp.

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    Holding that handgun manufacturers do not owe a duty of reasonable care in the marketing and distribution of their handguns to persons injured or killed through the use of illegally obtained handguns, but leaving open the question of retailers' liability
  4. O'Neil v. Crane Co.

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    Holding that product manufacturer is not liable under any theory for harm caused by a third party's products
  5. Codling v. Paglia

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    Holding manufacturer liable for defective product "provided that" plaintiff could not by exercise of reasonable care have discovered the defect and perceived its danger or otherwise averted his injury
  6. Micallef v. Miehle Co.

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    Rejecting obviousness of the danger as a complete bar to negligence claims but retaining it with respect to strict product liability claims
  7. Cover v. Cohen

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    Holding that liability in a design-defect case requires a balancing of “the product's risks against its utility and costs and against the risks, utility and cost of the alternatives”
  8. Hoover v. New Holland N. Am., Inc.

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    Noting that "expert evidence raised a question whether failure to replace the [safety] shield [on a post hole digger] alone caused plaintiff's injuries, or whether [this] pointed to a failure on defendants' part in selling and distributing the digger with a defectively designed shield," insofar as the shield was not designed to last the life of the digger
  9. Rastelli v. Goodyear Tire Co.

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    Holding there is no duty to warn about another manufacturer's product when defendant manufactured only sound products and had "no control over the production" of the defective products at issue in the case
  10. Braaten v. Saberhagen Holdings

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    Holding that "a manufacturer has no duty ... to warn of the dangers of exposure to asbestos in products it did not manufacture and for which the manufacturer was not in the chain of distribution"