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    Holding that possession of New York driver's license was insufficient
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    In Matter of Evans v. Monaghan (306 N.Y. 312, 319-320) we said that "we have not lost sight of the statement made by the dissenting justices at the Appellate Division: `While technically section 399 of the Code of Criminal Procedure may not be formally applicable, the basic reason for its salutary purpose should in fairness and justice be not lost sight of in police trials upon charges involving criminality.' (282 App. Div. 382, 396.)
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    Sustaining scheme requiring approval by the Workers' Compensation Board of a worker's attorneys' fees against state and federal constitutional challenges; federal equal protection challenge rejected on ground that statute "clearly promotes the over-all objective of ensuring adequate economic relief to the employee or his family"
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    November 20, 1997 Appeal from the Workers' Compensation Board. Claimant worked as a bus driver for the employer from 1971 until 1993. On April 19, 1991, apparently without a precipitating incident, claimant suddenly experienced severe lower back pain radiating into his left lower extremity. This condition ultimately required surgery in May 1991 for a herniated lumbar disk. Claimant subsequently filed for workers' compensation benefits, alleging that his disability was caused by over 20 years of operating

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