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    Holding that a waiver of attorney-client privilege for purposes of raising an ineffective-assistance-of-counsel claim does not extend to retrial, in part because "[e]xtending the waiver . . . would immediately and perversely skew the second trial in the prosecution's favor"
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    Holding that the "factual documents which give rise to suspicious conduct . . . are to be produced in the ordinary course of discovery because they are business records made in the ordinary course of business"
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    Case No.: C 11-5236 PSG 05-16-2013 THERANOS, INC., et al, Plaintiffs, v. FUISZ TECHNOLOGIES, LTD., et al, Defendants. PAUL S. GREWAL ORDER GRANTING MOTION TO COMPEL PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS (Re: Docket No. 130) Patent cases seem to give rise to a disproportionate number of disputes regarding the scope of waiver attaching to a disclosure of privileged documents. This case is yet another example. Plaintiffs Theranos, Inc., et al, ("Theranos") move to compel Defendants Fuisz Technologies, Ltd., et al

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    No. C-09-04024 JSW (DMR). November 18, 2010 ORDER GRANTING PLAINTIFFS' MOTION TO COMPEL DONNA RYU, Magistrate Judge Before the Court is Plaintiffs' Renewed Motion to Compel Documents Improperly Withheld as Privileged. See Docket No. 140. Having considered the parties' briefs and accompanying submissions, as well as the oral argument of counsel at the November 17, 2010 hearing, the Court hereby GRANTS Plaintiffs' Renewed Motion to Compel Documents Improperly Withheld as Privileged. I. Factual and