5 Cited authorities

  1. People v. Hollman

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    Holding that reasonable suspicion was required before narcotics officers could approach a passenger in a bus terminal and ask for permission to search the person's bag
  2. People v. Berrios

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    Argued March 2, 1971 Decided May 12, 1971 Appeal from the Supreme Court in the First Judicial Department, NEAL P. BOTTIGLIERI, J., WALTER H. GLADWIN, J., NICHOLAS F. DELAGI, J., DENNIS EDWARDS, JR., J., LOUIS SCHRIFIN, J. Appeal from the Supreme Court for the Second and Eleventh Judicial Districts of the Second Judicial Department, ALLEN BELDOCK, J., ALBERT R. MURRAY, J. Donald H. Zuckerman, Milton Adler, William E. Hellerstein, Lewis B. Oliver, Jr., Carol Berkman and William A. Nelson for appellants

  3. People v. Holmes

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    Holding that police observation of an "unidentified bulge" in defendant's jacket pocket, in a "known narcotics location," taken together with defendant's flight, justified an information request but not police pursuit
  4. People v. Diaz

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    Declining to adopt "plain-feel" exception as extension of "plain-view" exception, and citing other states that at the time had arrived at the same conclusion
  5. People v. William

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    In People v William II (98 NY2d 93 [2002]), the police received an anonymous call indicating a man named "Will" had just been involved in a drive-by shooting.