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    Observing "extreme reluctance of courts to intrude in the political relationships between the Legislature, the State and its governmental subdivisions"
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    Finding separate levels of oversight can coexist when the impact is tangential
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    Alienating parkland "requires the direct and specific approval of the State Legislature, plainly conferred"
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    Holding that "the same doctrine as to the dominion and sovereignty over and ownership of lands under the navigable waters . . . applies, which obtains at the common law as to the dominion and sovereignty over and ownership of lands under tide waters on the borders of the sea"
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    Tracing evolution of home rule amendment to New York State's Constitution
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    Upholding the New York Legislature's right to grant a deed in fee simple to approximately two blocks of land under tidal waters — the land to be improved by the grantee's filling, paving, and building bulkheads and wharves — "upon clear evidence of [the legislature's] intention and of the public interest in promotion of which it acted"
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    2014-02-18 In the Matter of BALDWIN UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT et al., Respondents, v. COUNTY OF NASSAU, Appellant. (Matter No. 1.). Barbara Hafner et al., Respondents, v. County of Nassau et al., Appellants. (Matter No. 2.). In the Matter of Town of North Hempstead et al., Respondents, v. County of Nassau, Appellant. (Matter No. 3.). Rosenberg Calica & Birney LLP, Garden City (Ronald J. Rosenberg, Lesley A. Reardon, Judah Serfaty and Edward M. Ross of counsel), and Nassau County Attorney's Office

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    Interpreting similar language in an earlier Constitution
  9. Lake George Steamboat Co. v. Blais

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    In Lake George Steamboat Co. v. Blais, 30 NY2d 48 and People exrel. Swan v. Doxsee, 136 AD 400, the Courts dealt with leases to private for-profit companies of property acquired and owned by the municipal respondents for the specific purpose of providing public docking for the residents of the municipality.
  10. Matter of Brown v. Trustees, Hamptonburg School

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    Finding that because the rule that the state and its municipal adjuncts may be liable in negligence did not exist at common law, but rather is statutory in origin, any such right granted "may be granted upon such conditions as the Legislature, in its wisdom, sees fit to impose."