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    Holding that the interests and aims of the Sixth Amendment were no less pressing at suppression hearings, which often are as important as the trial itself
  2. Press-Enterprise Co. v. Superior Court of California

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    Holding that media have a right of access to voir dire
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    Holding that the Sixth Amendment applies to jury selection
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    Holding that a waiver of constitutional rights must be knowing and intelligent
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    Holding that the issue of evidentiary sufficiency must be preserved for appellate review
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    Noting that New York courts deem constitutional speedy trial claims unwaivable
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    Holding this right to be binding on the states through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment
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    Noting flight plus indicia of criminal activity, such as another arrest, may create probable cause under Section 195.05
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    Finding that the closure of the court including the exclusion of defendant's family during the testimony of an accomplice cooperating witness violated defendant's right to a public trial, given that the witness had previously testified in front of defendant's parents, had testified that he did not fear defendant's family, and defendant had a greater interest in having her family present because of a language barrier
  10. People v. Hinton

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    Ruling that testimony of undercover narcotics officer was exception to right to public trial
  11. Section 12 - Rights of persons accused of crime

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    Guaranteeing right to a public trial in state bill of rights
  12. Section 4 - Sittings of courts to be public

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    Stating that, absent exceptions not relevant here, “[t]he sittings of every court within this state shall be public, and every citizen may freely attend the same....”