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    Holding that these terms are to be construed narrowly as barring coverage "only when the insured intended the damages"
  2. Consolidated Edison Co. of N.Y. v. Allstate Ins. Co.

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    Holding that indemnity should be allocated pro rata
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    In Allied Corp., where the Court once again reiterated the need for cautious use of the reproduction cost method, it stated that "courts are interested in making certain that governments are not forced to pay the high valuations typically produced by the reproduction cost less depreciation method" where "the owner would likely discontinue the use on his own in the absence of the taking" (80 N.Y.2d, at 359-360).
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    Affirming income capitalization method combined with sales comparison approach for land only
  5. In re City of Syracuse Industrial Development Agency

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    CA 04-01506. June 10, 2005. CROSS APPEALS from a judgment of the Supreme Court, Onondaga County (Charles T. Major, J.), entered February 13, 2004 in a proceeding pursuant to EDPL article 5. The judgment awarded respondents $433,220, together with interest and costs. Hiscock Barclay, LLP, Buffalo ( Mark R. McNamara of counsel), for appellant-respondent. Law Offices of Robert A. Gladstone, Belle Mead, New Jersey ( Robert A. Gladstone of the New Jersey Bar, admitted pro hac vice, of counsel), for r

  6. Inmar Associates, Inc. v. Borough of Carlstadt

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    Holding that the value of contaminated land for tax purposes cannot be determined by simply deducting the cost of the cleanup from the putative value of the property and suggesting that contaminated properties be assessed as "special purpose" properties
  7. Bermeo v. Atakent

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    Mentioning “different elements of the particular future damages award (e.g., medical expenses, future care, lost earnings, pain and suffering)”
  8. University Plaza v. Hackensack

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    In University Plaza, a New Jersey appellate court applied the deduction approach to a piece of property which was undergoing a voluntary asbestos decontamination program, reasoning that Inmar was a "unique" case.
  9. Serio v. Public Service Mutual Ins. Co.

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    2002-02825 Argued September 5, 2002. April 21, 2003. APPEAL by the plaintiff in an action for a judgment declaring the parties' respective obligations to pay a personal injury settlement pursuant to successive policies of liability insurance, from so much of an order of the Supreme Court (Kenneth A. Davis, J.), dated March 6, 2002, and entered in Nassau County, as denied its motion for summary judgment and granted that branch of the defendant's cross motion which was for summary judgment declaring

  10. State v. Slezak Petroleum Prods., Inc.

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